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This viewpoint is expressed in a few statements issued by the Commission with Research together with Social Action with the American Lutheran Church. While corrective actions to resolve rural troubles must comprise sound financial components, they cannot be solely economic, your statements state. One affirmation, entitled “Rural Economic sets the problem in viewpoint of technological know-how. “The rural America associated with nostalgic recollection is says the affirmation. “The adoption and entry to technology defeated it. Some sort of renewed farm America is emerging, reshaped in character, outlook, and lifestyle. Technology is the tool rebuilding rural The united states. ” Output Of Of milk in January Up HOUSTON U. S. milk production in January was estimated at thousand thousand pounds. 1 % more than a year sooner, it is actually stated through the U. S. D. Some sort of Statistical Reporting Service. Daily average production improved 4 % from January to February weighed against a 3 per cent increase concerning these months a year earlier. February output for each cow provided 1. 54 lbs of of milk per human being daily for any uses, compared with 1. 48 pounds 30 days earlier together with 1. 55 pounds a year earlier. Creamery butter production inside U. S. in February, estimated with 93 770. 000 lbs, was 2 % less than in January. 1969. Seasonally, production decreased 8 per cent from January to January, compared using 10 per cent between a lot of these months last year and 6 % two many years earlier. On the daily normal basis, nevertheless, production advanced 2 % from Present cards. Compared with February. 1969. modifications in output by districts were merged. The a few leading advises all showed decreases: Minnesota 2 %. Wisconsin 10 per cent and Iowa 17 per cent. American parmesan cheese production inside U. Ohydrates. in January is projected at lbs. This was 19 % greater as compared to in February last year and has been at record level for the month for the ninth effective month. Output exceeded the previous highest January production set in 1967 as a result of 9 %. From Present cards to January, production reduced 3 % compared using 4 per cent between these months in 1969 and 1 per cent in 1968 For a daily typical basis, nevertheless, production increased 7 per cent. Production with ice cream inside U. Ohydrates. in February, estimated at gallons, was 1 per cent more than in February not too long ago. This month’s productivity was the second largest on record for any month together with was 2 % less than the record manufacturing of January. 1968. Seasonally, the progress of 2 per cent from Present cards to January contrasts using a 2 % decrease between these a few months in 1969. For a daily standard basis, production gained 13 % between these kind of months both this coming year and within 1968 weighed against 9 % in 1969. Weighed against February. 1969. ice cream production had been more in all of the regions besides the North Atlantic where it’s 2 per cent smaller along with the east to the north central where it was 1 % less. In the three vital producing reports, production had been up 10 % in Florida but had been down 5 % in New- York and 3 % in Pennsylvania. Find Original OIL PAINTINGS To complete The Decor of your home at ALL FA FURNITURES, CARPETING CO. Efforts to solve these problems “necessitates review of how like resources as land, labor, machinery, and working capital are generally allocated among the possible claims for a the proclamation argues. “An ironic twist resulting from technology impacts the affirmation says. “Farmers tend to think about themselves since both employer and employe, yet are generally frustrated with securing most of the advantages believed to attach to help each purpose. ” Help that your farmer can’t effectively price tag his goods to compensate him with prevailing premiums for his capitalization fees and their management skills, the affirmation explains. Thus except farmers organize to control the marketing health of their product, they are susceptible to the few available clients. “The fanner traditionally is a rugged the statement says, “proud with his freedom to own as your dog chooses. Right now, however, he or she is learning your urgency with cooperation. He might cooperate of your accord through particip- ation within farm organizations and movements, or in the compulsion of government regulations. Joint action, he is learning, is essential to their economic success, to the fitness of his community, and to his accountable participation within American lifetime. ” Solutions for rural problems must include societal, psychological, instructional and political components, the statement argues: “From its Biblical perspective on man and his We in all of the of it’s relationships the church comes with intense involvement in rural financial problems. It calls for man to use the benefits of technology to renew together with rebuild farm America. The religious keynotes the needs for sound values, equitable policies, organize allocation of resources, and resolute implementation of wise decisions from this application of technology to the renewal together with rebuilding associated with rural America. ” An additional statement, named “Bargaining Power for Maqui berry farmers. ” points out the financial considerations that lie in the root of farmers’ efforts to organize for collective bargaining. The idea described a few problems experiencing farmers: “1. They have not had the capacity successfully to manipulate the volume manufactured by members together with nonmembers. 2. Consumer reaction to higher selling prices curtail require and prompts the utilization of substitutes or alternates for the higher-priced item. ” The 2 main statements are preliminary drafts issued through the ALC Percentage on Exploration and Social Action and circulated among the church’s pastors “to stimulate thinking, to enhance discussion, and to guide informed action with members with the American Lutheran Church. ” The statements are going to be revised in the light with reactions and submitted on the church’s general convention with San Antonio following October for adoption. POLAROID 320 CAMERA 49 87 KODACOLOR REPRINTS Reg. 35< Ea. WONDERFUL W ea. Bonus Prints from any Rectangle Neg. 410 Lung burning ash St. Cops Launch Operation to Cut Burglary Rate OGDEiV, Ut (API Intending to cut a increasing burglary charge, po- lice get launched "Operation plan for plac- ing identifying figures on domestic belongings. Cops Chief L. A. Jacobson claimed Thursday this department in addition to a service membership will financial loan etching equipment to property owners with hopes they would etch that owner's taxi driver license selection on these kinds of items as bicycles, tools and tv's. Then the numbered items is going to be registered with police. Jacob- daughter said decals is going to be furnished for front windows of homes to tell you that property may be marked. In advance of radar, pilots navigating slender river channels inside San Francisco Bay area in dense fog relied with "echo consistent with National Geographic. These were hugh wood panels that will reflect this sound on the ship's whistle, giving your pilot some sort of "fix" on the riverbank. MART AVAILABLE 9-9 Day-to-day JA 5-77OO SEPTEMBER COLD SEND SPECIAL Entire body Wave Coloring Permanent Ointment Wave Lanolin Base YOUR CHOICE SHAMPOO TOGETHER WITH SET INCORPORATED 750 130 easily Alder Beauty School JA 5-0903 Walla Walla, Wosh. Special Updates CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING Low Premiums for Deemed Advertising SHORT-TERM RIBS Just by Frank O'Neal 4 Days For Price associated with 3 8 Times For Amount of 5 Amount of Words Uptol3 17 to eighteen 19 to 23 26 fo 28 29 to 33 1 day 1. 20 1. 60 2. 00 2. 40 two. 80 2 Days 1. 80 2. 40 3. 00 3. sixty 4. 20 Each added group of words. 60 p u 50 4 Days 2. 40 3. 20 4. 00 4. 80 5. sixty. 80 8 Times 3. sixty 4. ninety 6. 00 7. 20 8. 40 1. 20 9 to help 24 on a daily basis. 45. sixty. 75. 90 1. 05 15 CONTAINER NUMBER COMPANY Per AD Cards associated with Thanks together with in AAemoriam Updates per notice. The Charge is Less on Larger Ads! FRIENDS AND FAMILY WANT PROMOTIONS SPECIALMONTH RATE 10 times, up toSSO cost SI. 00cash Charge Price ought to be stated. Labeled advertising, unless advance repayment is sought after, is billed on expiration of ads. If not necessarily paid within seven days, a 50c assistance charge that's in the bill becomes payable besides the charge for any advertise- ment. Arrangements with regard to monthly accounts may be made at our consumer credit depart- ment. 2LINESApprox. lOwords Each added line If your primary advertisement appears incorrectly notify us immediately. We believe responsibilty for one incorrect attachment or omission. Adjustment will be made just by one additional insertion associated with space involved. The publisher reserves the right to accordingly classify, update or decline any advertising copy submitted for publication. VOU MAY -WANK THE APpeNP'X CORRECTLY Hom. 1 With regard to Solt LIGHTWEIGHT 3 bedroom, fireplace, carport, rugs, with open-air fireplace, attractively excellent location. JA 9-1167 HERE'S THE ACTION PHONE NUMBER J A 5-3300 Telephone it distribute! HIRE! Get or Rent. CLASSIFIED DOES IT FAST! CALLNOW! Help Wonted Males 12 WORKING FOREMAN for wheat and diversified ranch. Must be able to weld and do hardware work. Best wages. Generate Box 226 UB. Nation Bulletin. PICKUP'S CAB DRIVER imagined. Call JA 5- 1223. Orange Cab. THAT Walla Walla State Civil Service Commission with regard to Deputy Sheriffs will hold examinations on Monday, May 11, 1970 to give an eligibility list to pack such vacancies as may occur inside Walla Walla State Sheriff's Company. Qualifications together with exam applications available at the Sheriff's Company County In the court House. Functions close May 30, 1970 midnight. For more information, contact Louis Pifer, Fundamental Examiner Walla Walla State Civil Product Commission. 1109 Bonsella, LAUNDROMAT Terrific income easy for as few as three a long time of work on a daily basis. Local self service laundry, good setting, steady business. WALLA WALLA REALTY CO. Second JA5-4303 jReel Income Property Assistance Wanted Women 13 BUYING NIGHT CRAWLERS. Top prices paid. Wallula Streets. JA 9-3629. lOUSEKEEPER for motherless property. Under 40. live within. Child ACCEPTABLE. JA 9-2125 ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS JA 9-3183, JA 5-6236. JA 5-7994 SPECIAL Compound together with wax includes washing. Polish and feel. includes cleaning. 210 Avery. JA 9-5247 Choppy Garcia. __________ EXPERIENCED full demand book- keeper. Up through P-L-T-B. Month- y financial arguments. Salary u d. o q. Confer with Mrs. Bris- ol. ACME STAFF SERVICE, JA 5-1610 EVERYONE having claim to stock relating to the Dare Chamberlain Hacienda, call JA 5-6204 and JA 5-3010. GARAGE SALE Furniture, antiques, containers, vacuum better. (Previous house) 1839 I Sumach Saint Thurs 4-9. 10-5 k. m BRAND-NEW Tupperware dealers needed y simply March 28. JA 5-5494 ___________ ROTOTILL PLOWING. With regard to rent 500 Ib. psi power pump for house rinse or insect spray. JA 5-5770 COOK DINNER WANTED Apply in person. Pastime 215 Watts. Main. CONTRIBUTIONS NEEDED Furniture, clothing appliances or anything of cost St Vincent DePaul Retail store, 308 Watts Mam. Face JA 5-3903 tor pickup SEVERAL hostesses required, earn lovely gifts. JA 9-0155 or even JA 5 7540. TRIM DOWN GYM. Absolutely free home demon- stration CallJA 9-4464 Sacrificed Found SACRIFICED: Used Petrol Pan for truck algorithm. JA 5-0990 SEEN Bicycle. Owner often have same just by identifying paying for this ad. JA 5-8245. _____ CERTIFIED HAIRDRESSER Must interested in wig work. Write Container ZT7 UB, Union-Bulletin Personal Messages I is definately not responsible for any debts other than my own personal DONALD SANDUN Alcoholism Info Center Bsmt. Room 2 Denny Bldg. JA 5-7800 ALCOHOLICS Nameless Alanon Friends and family Group. JA 5-6236. 5-7994 Business Personals SKILLED TAX CONSULTANT. Can get few much more accounts Leona Sheldon. JA 5-7136. REASONABLE RISK INSURANCE IMMEDIATE COVERAGE JA 9-4420 Looking for something Realize its in that Want Ads NOW, YOUR COMPANY GUIDE "Business Services" in the Classified Department CHECK TODAY, FAMOUS Watkins Solutions, vanilla, seasonings, vitamins, or anything else. Free delivery. JA 9-3084. Put on Moore, trader. HAIRCUTS. Weekend through Feb 5th Hanks, available Sam 315 N. Fourth. Bring back Your Cherished Old Photographs by VITART long term copies. 515 Orite. Main. JA 5-7151 SKILLED TAX SERVICE 20 yrs. experience John Mohrland, JA 9 1270. "SLIM GYM" Shape up for Spring. Lose inches Ibs Absolutely free home demo Hillvard, JA 9-1706. 7% ATTENTION you gain with Met- ropolitan Mortg Sec 6% on 3-yr. debentures" No fee Phone G K. Trutton, JA 9-2215. SCHEDULED downtown off-street car parking, by your month minute Poplar Streets (former Model Food market Call Lloyd's, JA 5-4110 funny BUSINESS By Roger Bollen WITH REGARD TO I AN IMPORTANT PAV N 7 I'LL HAVE BUT TO SEEK EMPU3YMEIOT HOUSEKEEPER WISHED 'art time period. Top pay out. Write Container 224 UB, Union-Bulletin. ELIABLE woman to work, live in, cook. Own trans. JA 5-7134. ianning your Vacation? Then plan o pay for it easily by using your own pare hours to sell AVON COSMETICS in your locality. Write Avon Cosmetics, 1005 W. Lewis, 'asco. Wash ..__appearing girl fnday, age 23 to 15. Permanent postion, typing, bookkeeping needed. Interview 9 to 11 am Wed through Sat. 1128Plaza Shopping Center. EXPERIENCED cepionist. Must be bondable. Send resume to Box 230 UB. Equal op- Employer. EXPERIENCED beauty operator at Hair Fashions, 166 S. Main. M-F. Phone 938-3671. JUST HAD IT AND NOW IT MUETS WHEN HE L-AUSHS. BY OWNER, 3 bedroom, full basement, carpet, drapes, carport with storage, large patio, centra! air conditioning 1406 Home JA 5-9196. 3 BEDROOM home in Berney School, district. FuU basement, forced air oil furnace, fenced back yard. EXCEPTIONAL View property Prospect Point School Dist 3 bedrooms on main floor, kitchen has all appliances built-in. Urge utility, double attached garage, fenced back yard FuU finished basement with 4 bedrooms and bath. Also large recreation room with fireplace. JAM781 1639 Isaacs A.L.Stensvad Margaret MUlgard Harold Gray Ted Millgard, Broker BY OWNER: Dandy, small, 2 BR, full basement. 1314 Melrose, JA 5 8626. ________ 3 BEDROOM, finished basement with 4th bedroom oath. Excellent carpeting, large lot with garden. Boycr Dr. JA 9-1238. Business Opportunities 27 or best offer for a cute little beauty shop 2 work stations, 3 new dryers. Excellent clientele. Eves, JA 5-6248. Estate Wanted Want to buy progressive wheat- cattle ranch by fall. Reasonable! Write A. Hartman. Java, South Dakota 57452" 32 SACRIFICE Health forces sale 7 furnished stucco apartments plus owners apartment. Electric heat. Asking RO 5-7934. Route 4, Box 898, Moses Lake. Homes For Sale We are selling homes every day May we sell yours. We are low on listings and we have qualified buyers. Please call usvWAINWRIGHT-CONDON JA 5-0610. TRI-LEVEL on acre corner lot, over 2000 sq. ft, air conditioned. 3 baths, intercom, many extras. Corner of Wilbur Magnolia Sts. MA 6-3931. FOR SALE by owner. Sacrifice. 4 BR. family rm. 2Vi baths. 2 fireplaces- 1 acre and lawn. value. mortgage. buys equity. JA CIGARETTES need to be chaperoned they should never go out alone and when it's your move no need to go it alone, just call CLANCY'S Transfer Storage, JA 9 2022. 3 BR. Eastside Road M-F, A., garden spot stream. 5 min. to town. Will sell on contract to right party. Call 938-5606 eve. or JA 9-4120 days. Beautiful, new 2 BR home in Waitsburg, factory built-ins, 3rd bedroom, 2nd bath and fireplace in full basement Price CLEAN WELL ARRANGED HOME on W. Pine, has 2 bedrooms, central heating, permanent siding. Call for further details CLOSE IN ON S SECOND, most comfortable main floor with second floor apartment renting for a month A good buy at LARGE OLDKH HOME ha- 4 bedioom-. 2 bath– laigc dimng loom u full apaitment loi onlv 7'2 N 2nd JA 5-4303 Anne Foege JA 5-2008 Eldon Adamson JA 5-1997 Carl Sinclair JA 9-1841 H. Higgmbotham. broker JA EASTGATE, 3 bedroom, 2 baths, full basement, w w carpet, attached garage, air conditioning JA evenings _____________ SMALL 2 BR. home, comple remodeled. New roof paint. JA 5-1229. Purchase FHAorGI Full bsmt. cottage, 1 Br. on main fl., 2 in bsmt.. 2 car gar 21 W. Pine HANDY LOCATION at 1209 E Alder is this 2 bedroom plastered cottage with 3rd Br. m full Bsmt. Excellent condition It's a real deal at WEST SIDE 1115 W. Pine Spacious 2 bedroom bungalow, all large rooms, bsmt., garage and carport, large lot YOU'VE WAITED For this 3 bedroom home in fine Eastgate neighborhood Newly carpeted living room, full basement, nicely landscaped yard. 68 Boyer Dr. BUILDING SITES We have several city lots now available. Also suburban building sites ASK US Hen Women Wonted 14 PERSONNEL PLACEMENT A Division of Bookkeeper, receptionist start Janitor hr. Reg. Nurse, full or part time hr Farm Hand day room board Collector to mo. Fry cook or better…………Scale Office girls mo. Management trainee mo. Trainee wk. Secretary …………….To Walla Walla. Seattle 1st National. Room 105 JA 9-4311 Pendleton, 216 S. E. Emigrant. 276-2763 Umatilla. 822 6th. 922-3533___ LOOKING FOR BARGAINS in an- tiques. Check the Classified Columns now! Work Wanted Men 17 PAINTING, papering. Reasonable rates. MA 6-3749 Remodeling, painting, free est. 30 yrs exp. After 6. MA 6-3858.938-7078 M-F ROTOTILUNG and vacant lots mowed. JA 5-6356. VirVSMft AGENCY VIEW OF THE BLUE MOUNTAINS from 4 Bedroom home with new shag carpet. baths, 2 fireplaces, family room in basement. Double garage, fenced yard with shade trees, excellent College Place area. Buy owners equity with a FHA interest loan. COLLEGE PLACE 2 Bedroom home in good location on Ige comer lot. Fenced with oversized garage storage area. Buy owners equity assume FHA of 6% interest, payments of 9S 2nd Avenue Clyde Petersen JA 5-7160 JA 5-5211 WASSER AGENCY COLLEGE PLACE Myo Elliott (Home) BUI Quirk 309 S. College JA 9-0480 JA 54027 JA 5-3087 ROTOTILUNG, lawn mowing, trim shrubs, clean plant flower beds. JA 5-2717. EXCELLENT Green Park home. Formal dining room, spacious living room, fireplace, wall to wall carpet over hardwood floors, gas heat. 2 bedroom on main floor, rec room 1 bedroom in the basement. Sprinkler system in lawn, 2 car garage. 1474 sq. ft. main floor. Shown by appointment. COMMERCIAL METAL warehouse. Freeway took Vi acre. Adjoining ideal for relocation of warehouse. All level ground, easy move Excellent for car storage, general storage, shop or garage. Metal building and V, acre, all for only Terms. WE have sold out all our homes and need listings. Call Aulis Peterson. JA 5-1605, Res. JA 5-1303 C. WAYNE ELLIOTT, REALTOR WE. Main JA 5-1605 3 BEDROOM home for sale. Eastgate By owner 1677 University Dr BOB MICK'S FIX UP Carpentry, painting and odd jobs. JA 5-0718 or JA 9-4424 Work Wanted W Child care in my home. Hot meals, snacks, included at reasonable rates. Flexible hours JA 5-4656. CHILD CARE, days, nights, hour 714 N Main JA 9-1776 IRONING, hr. My home. Mending included. JA 5-6356. WASHING-IRONING-MENDING One day service_________JA 5-5173 MARY DRAKE'S Playschool. Licensed child care. JA 5-4321. 271 LET LLOYD'S LIST IT! We have prospective buyers. We need listings! If you want to sell your home or acreage, call BOB KENYON. He is eager to serve you! Call him at JA 5- 4110, or after hours at JA 54644. WHY LEAVE HOME to shop. Check the big values in home furnishings in the Classified Section today! BARBER shop for sale in Dayton. Call 382-4119 after 6 p.m. PART time business. Earn up to mo, part time. Minutes a day. More full time. Write UB, Union-Bulletin. FOR SALE BENZEL SON WELDING 13th A Abadie. 1.8 A. land tfflW bkJg. AD stock It equipment. Any reasonable offer will be considered. Phone JA 5- 194 afternoons eicept Lay. Sun. eve. Contact Ted Bead, No. 22, Rancho Villa Court. COMPANY STATION and bulk herb. Average last year gallons and. WriteBox 235 UB. Union-Bulletin SMALLISH cash ou'tliv can put you Trading for you Living groups also offered Cornei Food, 502 S. 3rd JA 5-1302 Matthews Assoc. IMMACULATE throughout. 3 BR, 1598 sq. foot. Beautiful birch your kitchen, paneled lounge room, 2 baths, large groomed lot. at 1834 Pleasurable. VERY COOL 3 BR truly carpeted. Torginal ground and kitchen table tops in kitchen, beautiful paneled carpeted lounge room, fenced garden with chimney, patio, carport. Positive finance words. at 122 Cascade Doctor. AGENCY REALTOR 22 E. MAIN JA 5-5730 We are selling homes fast. We need listings Green Park. Large 2 rooms. 3rd master bedroom upstairs. Lounge room, fireplace, formal living area, basement, garage. A good sound property for only DOWNTOWN DUPLEX and land area for some more units A choice investment with regard to only Discover us with regard to information. GREEN PARK Roomy home with charm, upstairs now hired at 30 days. Can be used as single house 2 baths, 3 rooms, oversized living and formal dining room. Fireplace, attic with FA gas furnace. Car port. Only Where do you find an alternative home from this quality and size situated at 1859 Fem Ave.

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